My Favorites

Virtual Private Server providers:

Places I like to shop

I am a huge advocate for Amazon Prime, it’s a game changer! If you haven’t tried it, seriously try out the trial. You get one to two-day free shipping, Movie/TV/Music streaming, unlimited Photo backup (for up to 5 people), Prime Now (Free two-hour delivery!!!), Free Kindle Books, and a ton more stuff.

Monoprice - I get all my cables and earbuds from here.

These help me save money

Digit - This thing has helped me save a great deal of money without me even really noticing it. Every day, Digit tries to move some money from your checking account to your Digit account. Digit never transfers more than you can afford, so you don’t have to worry about over-drafting your account. Highly recommend if you would like to start saving some rainy day money without even thinking about it.

Electronics I use everyday

Nexus 6P - Unfortunately they no longer sell it but you could get the Google Pixel it’s a great phone, which is a new release from Google.

Nvidia Shield TV - Best Media system I have used in a very long time. The last media console I had that was this good was a modded (hacked) Microsoft XBox. So it’s been a while. I highly recommend it. It runs android so it can pretty much do anything you would want or need.

Amazon Fire TV Stick - For $40 this thing provides a multitude of features for all your media needs. It runs Android so you could pretty much do everything an Android device can do. It’s compact so it’s great to take with your on a trip.

Things I use to learn new stuff

TreeHouse - Treehouse is jam packed with videos on about anything you want to learn, from javascript basics to all sorts of business topics. Try it out if you are looking to learn something new

Safari by O’Reilly Books - A fantastic resource for Books, Videos, and Online Workshops. It is a bit on the expensive side but well worth it when you see the resources the provide you.

Networking Equipment I recommend

Eero - If you are sick of crappy wifi in your home/small office just get an Eero, I fought with wifi too long before getting this. Once I got the Eero installed it I have not had one WiFi problem.

Ubiquiti Edge Router X - This $60 router is small but it’s packed with the same features you would find in MOST enterprise routers.

Software/Services I use everyday