Moving From Ghost to Hugo

Made the switch from Ghost to Hugo. Ghost become a pain to keep up to date for sucha small site. Nothing against Ghost. It’s some great software but just not for me. Please bare with me while I find a look and slowly move my content over from my old site to this site. Also have some plans to update some of my original posts.

Nextcloud and Caddy

While I was at SCALE15x I bumped into the guys from NextCloud (Jos Poortvliet and Frank Karlitschek). I was totally impressed about how far they had gotten from the first time I heard about NextCloud (Linux Unplugged Ep. 149). Admittedly I only installed version 9 when it was initially released. At the time I felt it was so close to the current version of OwnCloud I was using, I never proceeded with it.

How I setup my Ubuntu servers

My go-to for servers is usually Ubuntu and these are the tools/packages and steps I use on every server I personally install. If you want to try this out on a live server check out my recommended Virtual Private Servers on my favorites page. I first update the package database, then install Vim and Curl. The -y means don’t ask me just install it. apt-get update && apt-get install vim curl -y